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Factors that can provoke the formation of diltiazem cyst can also cause a progressive increase in the volume of a small subclinical cystic formation that previously existed in the arachnoid membrane due to hyperproduction and accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in it.

The aggravation of neurological symptoms indicates a further increase in the size of the arachnoid cyst and progressive compression of the brain. A significant increase in the volume of the cyst is dangerous with the possibility of its rupture, resulting in the death of Cardizem pills. The prolonged existence of cerebral compression leads to irreversible degenerative processes in the brain tissues with the formation of a persistent neurological deficit.

Symptoms of an arachnoid cyst. In most cases, the arachnoid cyst of the brain has a small volume and does not manifest itself clinically. A congenital cyst may be an incidental finding on fontanel neurosonography or brain MRI due to other intracranial pathology. Its clinical debut is possible with infectious, vascular or traumatic brain damage.

The latter include intracerebral and meningeal hematomas, primary and metastatic brain tumors, brain abscess, intracerebral cyst. Examination by a neurologist and primary neurological examination (electroencephalography, rheoencephalography and echoencephalography) allow to establish the presence of Cardizem mass with intracranial hypertension and the existing convulsive activity of the brain. To clarify the nature of the mass formation and its localization, it is necessary to conduct MRI, CT scan of the brain or CT.

Diagnosis of an arachnoid cyst. The clinic of an arachnoid cyst does not have specific manifestations and corresponds to the clinical picture common to most brain tumors.

The optimal diagnostic method for recognizing arachnoid cysts is MRI of the brain with contrast. The use of Diltiazem agents makes it possible to differentiate a cyst from a brain tumor. The main criterion for an arachnoid cyst, which distinguishes it from a tumor, is the lack of ability to accumulate contrast.

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